29/06/2003 :: Libcroco News

The website of LIBCROCO project has changed. It contains some new stuff as for example a presentation, apis documentation, etc ... Let's go to visit it :)

07/03/2003 :: A new website !!

Webmasters are very happy to present the new ''freespiders'' website ! we hope you will find it nice...

25/02/2003 :: CVS Repository of Gmlview and Libcroco has changed

A new Repository has been created on cvs.gnome.org. Thanks to Daniel Veillard for its sponsoring. Check here to learn how to do to checkout sources from cvs.

20/01/2003 :: Gnome 2 port of Gnome-mlview ...

The Gnome 2 port based on the 0.0.3rc2 release is started. One first version is commited in the cvs in the "gnome2-port" branch. There is still a lot to do to make Gmlview become a real native gnome2 application.

08/12/2002 :: Gnome-mlview 0.0.3rc2 is out

Dodji Seketeli, the author and the maintainer, have released 0.0.3rc2. It''s mostly a bugfix and stability enhancement released. It also contains the gzip''ed files support patch sent by Pierre Barbier de Reuille. Here is the download link: http://www.freespiders.org/downloads/